What's happening to Forest Cottage?

Forest Cottage has been part of the Rothiemurchus Estate since the the 1800s. It was originally built as a dwelling for the many foresters who worked tirelessly on the estate.

Since those days it has been lived in by several families who worked in different roles in the estate. Most recently, it was lived in by the Lorimer family. Ann Vastano, a local and very talented artist who grew up very near the cottage, recently shared this lovely sketch and memory of Forest Cottage:


"A wee sketch of ' Willies cottage', Loch an Eilein. At the moment it's being carefully renovated.

I remember when old Mrs Lorimer lived here, 'Willies ' mother. One day, we were walking back from school with a friend Rhona, who lived up at Achnagoichan, it was a fairly long walk...just as we were passing the cottage, old Mrs Loriner bustled out and insisted we come in for something to eat, and she laid a table with tea, cake and jelly, it was story book material.

She was a remarkable octogenarian at this time, cycling everywhere and was even spotted up on her roof fixing after some storm damage. She also used to keep the most amazing garden in the walled area opposite the cottage. Fond memories."

I am trying to find out as much about the history of Forest Cottage as I can, so if you know anything that you think could be useful, please get in touch, info@forest-cottage.co.uk


In the meantime, the renovation is well underway with most of the building work already completed. We are delighted that the same very talented team who did a stunning job of renovating Loch an Eilein Cottage in 2016 are working their magic at Forest Cottage, this includes the Builder, Carpenter, Electrician, Interior Designer, Decorator, IT Technician and Operations Manager. We will be ready to welcome guests in the Spring of 2018. You can follow our progress in our Renovation Gallery and on our Facebook page.

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